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Homes For Sale In The University Heights

Interested in joining our community and becoming part of the positive momentum that is making our neighborhood great? The following homes are currently for sale:

- 18 Brinton Street
- 4 Flower Street: Contact Realty USA, 716-262-8338
- 334 Highgate Avenue
- 21 Minnesota Avenue: Contact ERA Hunt Real Estate
- 19 Montrose Avenue
- 155 Montrose Avenue
- 109 Niagara Falls Boulevard
- 180 University Avenue
- 112 W. Northrup Place

Adaptive Reuse

The following is a report compiled by two graduate planning students from UB and members of the Tool Library on the decommissioned school building located at 91 Lisbon Avenue in the University Heights.

Schools are often important landmarks in a neighborhood, both physically and psychologically, and are valued not only for the educational services they provide, but also for their job security, social support, and informal public space. Adaptive reuse provides an opportunity to return these community landmarks to a productive use.

With projects like the Bethune Lofts coming online, reusing this school for residences, offices, a small business incubator, etc. makes more and more sense both fiscally and civically.

Zombie Mortgages

Many vacant homes in the University Heights are effected by the too common problem of foreclosed properties that banks do not take possession of even after they get a Judgement of Foreclosure. These properties are referred to as Zombie Foreclosures which means that the bank keeps paying the taxes on the property (so the COB doesnt put it up in an InRem Auction) and occasionally cuts the grass after many calls requesting such clean up but does not take possession or try and sell the property. In this case the COB will cite the bank and call their local legal team into court.

Senator Tim Kennedy and Assemblyman Sean Ryan are sponsoring a bill that would stop this practice by the banks. Please contact your local elected officials and let them know that you support this bill. These properties are a drain on a neighborhood and must be treated proactively for the neighborhood to remain healthy and vibrant.

jkennedy@nysenate.gov State Senator Tim Kennedy
peoplec@assembly.state.ny.us State Legislator Crystal Peoples
Lynn.Marinelli@erie.gov Erie County Legislator Lynn Marinelli
mayor@city-buffalo.com Mayor Byron Brown
brian.higgins@house.gov Congressman Brian Higgins
www.schumer.senate.gov/Contact/contact_chuck.cfm Senator Chuck Schumer
http://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/contact/ Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
buffalo.grisanti@gmail.com State Senator Mark Grisanti